"In my paintings I invite you on a journey. A journey with filled with surprises, delights and disruptions along the way: some intentional and carefully controlled and some, a natural result of applying a medium to a space. I attempt to create pathways, which teeter between mechanical accuracy and the hand drawn. Pathways, which weave in and out of a spatial structure and change direction at a crossroad of colour, and pathways between myself and the future. On the whole they are a dynamic, yet delicate balancing act between space, form, colour, light, and surface. The paintings appear complex, but only as a result of trying to deconstruct themselves. Having grown up during the digital uprising, I have witnessed the emergence of a new dimension. The realm of the virtual; a misconception of real space embedded in computer chips, hard drives and databases, which create the infinite digital vistas of the Internet. I contemplate the space of art, the traditional illusion of painted space, a painting of a room one feels one could enter. I like to play with the impression of space created by the frequency of light, the natural and synthetic discords, and the actual space that the layers of medium occupy. In which realm does the colour exist? For the colour is not just a slick veneer confined to the canvas, but encroaches into the 3 dimensional space of the viewer. My paintings are a division of the space that I occupy, for they are either 1/1, 1/2 or 1/4 my physical height and width. Egotistically, I produce paintings for me, about my reality, yet I am fundamentally aware of the spatial relationship between myself, and the viewer through my work: an ephemeral relationship that transcends the constructs of both time and space. After leaving Saint Martins in London in 1995 I was invited by the Schirn Kunsthaller in Frankfurt, to work as artist in residence at the Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm. The following years I worked with Galerie Pabst in Frankfurt and Jette Rudolph in Berlin and on moving back to Amsterdam with Galerie Schepper. In the early 2000's I was lured into the logic of programming and ended up programming interactions and application in flash. Now I am working as creative director for a growing company in Amsterdam and continue painting. Since early 2016 I have been creating a new body of work in my studio in the north Amsterdam."

Tim Hudson