Colorida Art Gallery is located in Lisbon, Portugal and has been "living and breathing" art for over 9 years. The gallery organizes exhibitions of contemporary art in building more than 150 years old. Artworks are displayed at Colorida's magnificent space with good care and people are most welcome to spend some time in its wonderful and cheeful atmosphere.

"With his use of diverse themes, Vike Pedersen invites us on a journey through the transparent and opaque colors of his images, arresting our attention and making us stop for a closer look at his interpretation of the urban environment.
From Vike’s detailed illustrations and portrayals of old towns, to the large chaotic urbanizations sprawled across his canvases, he demonstrates that he is an urban artist, open-minded and free.
Through his modern designs and calculated techniques he shows himself as a romantic; a poet in the area of artistic silkscreen.
Photography is largely responsible for new silkscreen processes, for technological advances and for new concepts found in artistic movements from pop art to minimal art. But then the artist must impose himself on the image, and this Vike does, demonstrating his immense capacity for a lightness of touch and awareness of color.
Vike masterfully conveys to his canvasses that which moves him most, refining details with acrylic color to complement the luminosity of the screen printing inks.
It is without doubt that Vike, as an artist and a professional, succeeds in revealing a range of emotions whilst exemplifying modern values.
Because of his experience and maturity, Vike is able to propel the viewer through imagery loaded with strong and daring colors.
Technically, Vike is a Master, a critic of his own work, concerned with every detail within each canvas.
Angelo Vaz (Art Master/Curator)."







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