Colorida Art Gallery is located in Lisbon, Portugal and has been "living and breathing" art for over 14 years. The gallery organizes exhibitions of contemporary art of artists from all around the world. Artworks are displayed at Colorida's magnificent space with good care and people are most welcome to spend some time in its wonderful and cheerful atmosphere.

"My pictures are a nightdreams come true. This is a mix of fabulous images with the real world. With my works, I want to bring a little lightness and fabulousness into our everyday lives, but also to show the full depth of feelings that a fairytale hero can feel just like people. 

I believe that with my work, I help people to escape at least for a few moments from all the problems and deprivations that surround them in the real world and plunge headlong into the unreal ghostly world of unfulfilled childhood dreams and vague hopes. I want to show people the heroes what they could be themselves. 

And I talk about a parallel world, where we all are completely different. Not the way society, the routine and the rules make us, but the way we could be if we could break away from reality.  

Fabulous worlds and fantasies, classical music and the modern rhythm of life influenced my pictures to a great extent. That is why my heroes feel very real feelings, staying in their unreal world. I am inspired by travel, children's books, the works of surrealist artists and my dreams.  

My goal in photography is to show the viewer an illusory world, which delays and fascinates at the same time. To endow the fairytale hero with simple human feelings and place him in a real situation so that the viewer can look not only at the image in the picture, but also recognize one of the variations of himself. I apply a lot of editing in my work to make my characters look like an improved copy of people. I want to show that our reality in which we live is multifaceted and ambiguous, and therefore I fill my work with symbols and references, as well as add a clear and strong emotion."








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