Colorida Art Gallery is located in Lisbon, Portugal and has been "living and breathing" art for over 14 years. The gallery organizes exhibitions of contemporary art of artists from all around the world. Artworks are displayed at Colorida's magnificent space with good care and people are most welcome to spend some time in its wonderful and cheerful atmosphere.

"The horizontality of the landscapes and the rhythm of the tides remind me of the scopes of musical writing and inspire the construction of my paintings.
The silhouettes of precarious constructions, fisheries, pontoons, piles... which jing out into the sea offer obvious similarities with the spelling of some scores.
So many subjects of dialogue between the motif and the site. The painter's eye straddles the waves and his brush tries to capture the sound of a last movement before they approach the shore.
I build my canvas according to a composition inspired by the musical writing that I apply to the rhythm of piles, breakwaters or other elements on a more or less tormented sea movement. The figure of the scope attached to the painting is the reference quote from an excerpt from a classical work.







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